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Machinery & Supply
TCT Alliance International Inc.

Is a company engaged in the supply of machinery, equipment and industrial supplies for the cement, steel, glass, mining, food and beverage processing, energy, petrochemical, packaging and construction industries.

The Company has a rich history of over three decades in efficiently and effectively serving its customers. Its evolution from a ‘simple cell’ setup to its present ‘complex system’ with global networks and intricate market connections is a testimony to its remarkable durability and resiliency.

The role TCT Alliance International Inc. plays in its home country (Philippines) is more pivotal. With dynamic people, growing presence, and innovative systems to propel the Company into the region, TCT has retained the aggressiveness, dynamism, and vision that are its heritage and hallmarks: traits that will take it to greater heights in this new century.

For TCT, the opportunity and dedication to serve more customers, and serve them better, has never been greater. 

Examples of Products
  1. Refractory Products
  2. Equipment & Spare Parts (Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical)
  3. Instrumentations
  4. Chemicals / Raw Materials
  5. Industrial Chains / Conveyor Belts
  6. Complete line of Furnaces, Lehrs, Packaging, Inspection Machines, Batch Plants, Conveyors
  7. Complete line of Food, Beverage, Brewery Equipment
  8. Complete line of Metal Closure, Lithography & Coil Handling Equipment
  9. Spare Parts / Supplies

Contact Details

TCT Alliance International Inc.
Unit 505 Christina Condominium,
Corner Herrera & Legaspi Streets,
Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229
Tel: (63.2) 8180278; 8185858
Fax: (63.2) 8153603
Email: tct@globelines.com.ph



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