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Leyende Shake It Off Body Exfoliant (Barako Coffee)
From Leyende
Leyende Shake It Off Body Exfoliant (Barako Coffee)
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PHP 350.00
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Leyende Shake It Off Body Exfoliant (Barako Coffee)

Rich in anti-oxidant, Barako (Arabica) coffee granules stimulate blood circulation as it smooths away skin's rough spots. In tandem with organic virgin coconut oil and sweet almond oil, this is a good pick-me-up body treat, especially for coffee enthusiasts.

* 200ml
* Barako Coffee Granules
* no petroleum by-products
* paraben-free
* good-enough-to-eat scents
* recommended for: all skin types (not for pregnant women)
* organic unrefined shea butter: skin moisturizer, antiseptic and protector (has natural SPF)
* organic grapeseed extract: anti-oxidant
* natural plant coloring: alkanet root, spirulina, orris root


About Leyende:


From the Spanish word leyenda, meaning "legend" or "story," Leyende is an emerging Filipino brand of handmade, natural and organic bath and body products with a modern, clean-minimalist sensibility.

With values of integrity, environmental awareness, pride in work and passion for learning, Leyende is an advocate of self-empowerment through honest, independent living, offering training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged women from International Justice Mission Manila and the Visayan Forum. A couple of the staff are working toward their high school diplomas on a work-study program with School H.O.U.S.E. (Helping Ourselves Through Sustainable Enterprise) Project spearheaded by Krie Lopez, founder of Messy Bessy line of eco-friendly cleaning products.

The brainchild of awarded poet and freelance writer, Neva Kares Talladen, Leyende was born out of passion and necessity.

With her adult-onset skin problems, Neva found the local market severely lacking in its selection of high-quality, sulfate-free natural and organic products. Through independent study and workshops with local and international chemists, she developed her own handmade products.

Mostly sourced internationally, Leyende’s raw ingredients come from organically accredited farms and companies such as Plamil UK, Rain Forest Remedies, Honeybiz Australia Ltd., Agbang Karite Africa, among others. The local ingredients Leyende utilizes are wild Ylang-Ylang essence and infusions from the Ilocos region, organic virgin coconut oil, rosemary extract and lemongrass essence from Gold in Grass Corporation. Equally remarkable is Leyende’s simple, but eye-catching design for its reusable and recycled packaging.

Through online sales, bazaars (Rockwell Urban Bazaar, American Women’s Bazaar, British Women’s Coffee Morning) and word-of-mouth, Leyende is slowly but surely becoming the go-to bath and body brand for environmentally conscious consumers, and those with delicate, sensitive skin.

In 2008, Leyende was included in the book 50 Must-Buys in Manila edited by Michael Salientes (top stylist and former art director of Details magazine) and Janina Dizon Hoschka (jewelry designer).

Our products are especially favored among artists, writers, young professionals, eco-conscious homemakers and the expat community.

On Sale until August 31! Buy Now!
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